String For Women

Ladies put them on them each day, the undergarment called panties. It’s difficult to imagine that something worn under common clothing and cannot be seen would need to appear so fashionable. However, there are more than ten styles of panties women can select from. They may want a certain style for comfort, a style that will not leave lines that can be seen under a specific type of fabric, or a variety that looks agreeable if the woman is planning a special rendezvous with her husband that particular day (or evening.)

This article will cover at least ten different types of panties that ladies may decide from. These consist of the bikini, the thong, the brief, the string bikini, the string thong, the double string bikini, the double string thong, the side tie thong, the side tie bikini, and finally the triangle string thong. We’ll set off with the bikini. It comes up higher than a hipster kind of panty, but lower than a brief. You’ll get full back coverage, and a waistline that will be inclined to fall just below the navel. It will come to rest on the hips and can look quite youthful. Under certain types of fabric, this style may show lines. You could look for panties that are made with fabrics that ensure you won’t get a panty line. It should say it right on the packaging.

The thong is an open back panty. Many people think of any open back panty as simply a thong, but this will have a little more side and back material than a g string or triangle string thong. This is a nice option if you don’t want panty lines to show and you don’t mind with wearing a thong. The disadvantage can be that the thong material can cause an uncomfortable wedgie. In fact, various styles can do this. Hanes has a line of wedgie free panties that you can purchase in stores or while surfing the web for women’s online shopping.

Next we’ll discuss the brief. This is the panty variety with the most material for sure. It will provide you the absolute most front, side, and back coverage of any other style of panty. Of course it is a full back panty, but also features a high rise waist as its waistband rises to the navel. If you want coverage all over, you’ll want a brief. The drawback can be that its not very attractive on. Often referred to as « granny panties » the brief is not one for a rendezvous with your husband. But if you’re goal is comfort and no one will see those panties, go for it…you need to be comfortable.

String bikinis are bikini panties that feature less side coverage than a common bikini. Though it still features full back coverage, instead of hip hugging material on the sides, there is just a string. This is a most wanted style among younger women as it is recognized to be youthful. The only drawback would be the same as the regular bikini, that the lines may show, and then the side string lines could show through. You can always do a mirror check before you leave the house. Just like there is a string bikini, there is a string thong. This is again the same as the thong mentioned above, but in place of having a wide strip of material on the sides, its purely a string. Again, this is about preference and comfort, and may give the wearer with a little more seamless coverage. However, it depends on the fabric you are wearing over them and a quick look in the mirror can save you some embarrassment later. (There’s nothing like heading out the door feeling confident and looking in the office bathroom mirror to suddenly notice panty lines underneath your clothing!)

Going back to the basic bikini and thong, you currently have the decision of choosing the double string bikini and the double string thong. Its not very difficult to discover that the double string bikini and the double string thong are all about the side covering. You’re going to get more side covering than a regular string version of each, but less than the original, since it is two strings. Both are cute and stylish, and you may be more comfortable wearing these for a special evening with your husband than the « butt spaghetti » g string variety of the thong. Sticking with these two basic styles, there is yet another type that completely changes the entire outlook of the panty just by changing the side fabric. This is the side tie type. Of course this means that on the sides there are tie up strings that hold the panties up. The drawback of this is apparent… what if they come undone? Better not wear this version to the office or to the movie theater. Save it for the special night with hubby. Or go for the triangle string thong, which looks like a triangle in the front (way little coverage) a string on the sides, and a thong in back.

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